From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.
— Catalan Proverb

Nicola Hadrava

As a Root Cause Protocol consultant, I help clients identify the major stressors of their health. After assessing your mineral status, I will help you connect the dots between your health complaints and any imbalances that we find in your results. Together, we will form a plan using targeted mineral and nutrient supplementation to restore balance and increase energy.

I do not diagnose or treat disease. I consult with you to identify and address areas of imbalance caused by stress. The goal of this type of consultation is education and empowerment. Clients are responsible for their own health choices.


Root Cause Protocol Cons

Root Cause Protocol Consultant

What if you didn't have to depend on doctors to ensure your health?

I have been a health detective for the last 7 years, ever since, in my early 20's, I found myself struggling to get out of bed each morning, no matter how long I had slept the night before. When my struggles were compounded a couple of years later by contracting Lyme Disease and several co-infections, I became even more serious about finding the solution to my health puzzles. Having an intuitive sense that I would not find answers in conventional treatment and antibiotics, I sought out more holistic ways to recover and heal. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of learning to hear the messages my body was sending to me. Two steps forward, and one step back. I saw a handful of practitioners who were able to clear up some of my symptoms, or find a new diagnosis to label my condition. The Lyme-literate MD, the functional medicine osteopath, the chiropractors, the herbalist, the bio-energetic practitioner... all had their own twist on supplements and therapies to kill the "bugs". And I did get much better.

My personal story is one of overcoming significant health challenges through the use of improved nutrition, healing diets, energy/light therapies, detoxification therapies, and yet I still had one persistent complaint: chronic fatigue. Doctors called it anemia, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue, but chasing those diagnoses did nothing to change my energy level or give me that elusive feeling of well-being.

After years of "attacking the 'guest'" of Lyme disease and other diagnoses, I instead turned my attention to "strengthening the host". About a year ago, I stumbled upon a framework for understanding health and disease that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together: The Root Cause Protocol. Backed by an immense amount of research, as well as common sense, this mineral balancing protocol was the missing piece in my puzzle. This incredible protocol is strategically designed to strengthen the body, making its terrain inhospitable to unwanted guests.

It was my own experience with the Root Cause Protocol and the rapid changes I saw in my health that motivated me to train with Morley Robbins to become a Root Cause Protocol Consultant. I am confident in the ability of this protocol to restore proper functioning of the body's systems and I want you to experience this shift, too. I want to offer you a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss how mineral dysregulation is at the root of your health challenges and what the Root Cause Protocol can do. Contact me here to schedule.