Root Cause Protocol Consultations for Mineral Balancing

Manage your Minerals for Optimum Health

Minerals are the most basic building blocks and messengers in the body. These essential minerals do not exist in isolation, but work in concert with one another. Imbalanced minerals lead to an internal environment of chaos causing deficiencies, dysfunction, and disease states. When minerals come into balance, cellular energy is increased, detox is accomplished, and the body begins to heal itself.

After assessing your mineral status, I will connect the dots between your health complaints and any imbalances that are identified. Together, we will form a plan using targeted mineral and nutrient supplementation to restore balance and increase energy.

Part I

After you purchase your consult package, I will promptly ship your hair testing kit. You will then send the kit to the lab and we will await results. Meanwhile, I recommend having a specific panel of bloodwork done, so that we have more information to work with. You'll be able to access the intake and release forms in the Client section of the website after purchasing your consult package.

As your consultant, I will take the following into account as I work to see the big picture of your health story. To do this, it's important for me to view your testing results in context.

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Relevant Lab Work
  • Detailed Health History Intake Form

Part II

During our consultation in person, or online, we will dig into your interpretive report to help you understand the story your minerals are telling. We will go step by step through your individualized protocol. I will email your report within 48 hours.

  • Interpretation
  • Consultation and Individualized Plan
  • Report Emailed to you within 48 hours

Part III

As you implement the protocol, I am available for email support, or follow-up consults, depending on the package you purchase. If questions arise, I am happy to lend clarity and point you in the right direction.

I do not diagnose or treat disease. I consult with you to identify and address areas of imbalance caused by stress. The goal of this type of consultation is education and empowerment. All disease in the body can be traced to imbalance, deficiency, and toxicity. The Root Cause Protocol brings minerals back into balance.